Introducing Our New Hinge Reinforcer

To be used with our Post Pro Adapter for installing 5-inch vinyl posts over galvanized pipe.

For gate posts, we recommend 2 3/8 pipe driven 4.5 feet into the ground.

Properly installed, the Reinforcer more than doubles the thread “bite” of the screws holding the hinge. It also creates a mechanical bond between the hinge and the galvanized pipe. This relieves the stress on the vinyl post and transfers the weight load of the gate, as well as the torque, to the steel pipe.

Each Reinforcer is designed to be used with 2 Post Pro Collars.

Determine where you need the hinges located. Pictures shown have the Reinforcer centered at 16 inches and 54 inches from the ground. This may vary due to the fence height, style and terrain, etc. These dimensions are an example only.

In this case, the center of the Reinforcer is marked on the pipe for reference.

Install the Post Pro lower collars 3 inches below the reference marks, cup side up and plumb the top and bottom lower collars with a level.

The Reinforcer can be screwed to the already installed collars. Care should be taken to ensure the Reinforcer is positioned to be in the correct plane of the fence and gate and to be in the position to accept all 8 screws related to the hinge.

Now the vinyl sleeve can slide over the assemblies – a little trickier than just over the collars but with a screwdriver or small scraper, you can slide it over. (the rail holes may catch on the assemblies)

Once the sleeve is in place, set the desired height. Now hinges can be installed at desired height.

Now the hinge is firmly fastened through the assembly to the galvanized pipe. (see
cutaway photos)

Unique Endeavors designed, developed and improved the Post Pro system from customer input and industry demand.

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