Have you ever seen this type of stress on a post?

You never will again by using our Rail-Lock.

What does the Rail-Lock do?

  • Replaces rail notching or keeper screws.
  • Distributes undue stress from the top rail to the strongest part of the posts.
  • Eliminates post failures at the routed holes from incorrect stressing.

What can the Rail-Lock do for you?

  • When you use the Post Pro system, lower rail can never come out because it is secure between the pipes. However, upper rail still needs to be secured.
  • Notching takes time and makes for very difficult disassembly if ever required, especially in cool climates.
  • Adds a professional finish to the top rail adjustments.

Our Rail-Lock allows you to install vinyl fence without causing undue stress on the post by securely fastening the top rail within a PVC post.