Post Pro Advantages

  • Stronger one-piece design
  • Self-centers and grips post on three sides in neutral position
  • Maximum adjustability—slot extends to outer diameter
  • Quicker and more accurate than two-piece design
  • Flexible enough to fit over slightly “mushroomed” pipe
  • Internal ridge keeps it from sliding on the post during installation

No augers, no concrete, same-day completions

When you use the Post Pro, there is virtually no digging. It reduces your equipment requirements—that means no Bobcat, augers or concrete mixers.

Your customers will love the super-clean, damage-free installations.

You will save money on vinyl because the PVC post length stays above grade—a six-foot fence requires only a six-foot post.

You can make quick adjustments in the rare occurrence of post shifting, reducing warranty issues.

If your two-man crew can’t completely install 150 feet of fence in one day, 
we’ll show you how.